My artwork meditates on the beauty of urban environments.  I am inspired by the city’s diversity, and the juxtaposition of engineered and natural forms.

While I take inspiration from many cities around the globe, most of these paintings depict my daily stomping grounds in San Francisco: the Embarcadero, Chinatown, and the Mission. As I walk through a neighborhood, I observe a cacophony of ideas presented by signage, architecture and infrastructure. My mind’s eye searches for rhythm and underlying relationships, real or imagined, amid the jumbled streets.

My artistic process is a combination of photography, printmaking, drawing and painting. I take photos of my surroundings and overlay multiple images to create a springboard for abstraction.  I add and subtract shapes with digital tools and hand-made marks in order to divine a composition suggestive of the essential nature of a place.

I hope to impart a sense of wonder, harmony and rediscovery of familiar environments. Each artwork shows a unique history of marks and fusion of mediums, much like the city they reflect.

- Kristin Kyono